Friday, February 1, 2019

My dear dog was stolen, murderd and eaten in Vietnam!

Here is the Youtube Video / Audio blog, podcast, about the topic, about losing my dear dog.  I tell in English (with a Finnish accent) about my feelings related to my dear Kito.  The same video is embedded below.

My dear Kito is gone!  My belowed family member was stolen, murdered, taken away, slaughtered, then sold on a market as dog meat, and finally eaten. What a humiliating end to our friendship!  What a terrifying experience to me.  The event has cast a big shadow over the New Year that started a month ago according to the Solar Calendar, and the Lunar New Year that we are about to celebrate in a few days now in the beginning of February 2019. Year of the dog (2018) will be replaced by the Year of the Pig.

We shared so many memories in Mekong Delta are, Southern Vietnam. We had many morning walks, botat trips, even a car trip together.  So hard to understand that just one action of a criminal has destroyed his life, someone killed him for less money than 10 US dollars. So unfair!

Last time we met in September 2018 when I was visiting the house of my in-laws.  I had left my dogs Kito and Mimi there when I moved to another place, to the highland area near Dalat, 1000 meters above the sea level, where the climate is cooler, more suitable for my health.

How deeply can we love our pets / companion animals.

In November 2017 another dog joined our family.  Mimi was adopted from the brother of my partner. He had taken the dog into his family with a small child.  After a few days he came into the conclusion that the dog and the child can't get along, so he asked if we would adopt the puppy.

Didn't take a long after they became good friend, the borthers Kito and Mimi.

Of course, Kito wanted to show Mimi, who is the dog boss of the family. They were playing, fighting, wrestling, running after each other but obviously enjoyed their life in the yard.

Most of the time they could walk and run free on the yard, but sometimes, when they were left home alone, or when I went somewhere and could not take them with me, they were locked into a big cage in the front yard. The palce was shady enough and protected from rainfall. They also could see to the road and they could see anyone coming to the house and moving on the yard. Next to the place were hammocks that the father and his friends were drinking tea and talking in the mornings.

Also the rest of the family was hanging around there when at home, and especially Kito liked to be there with people.

Mimi sometimes joined them, and wanted wrestle with Kito, play with him. Often he, however wanted spend time with me in the air/condioned room that I had built for myself.  It was too hot for me during the daytime to spend time in the front yard or other parts of the house, or the roads of the village. 

Like other dogs in the village, our dogs too did not go far away from home. If they went to the road, where the traffic consists almost entirely of motorbikes that are maintaining low speed, they usually just hang around in front of the gate or visit the neighbours's dogs.

I installed a dog door, a plastic flap system, so the dogs could come freely in and out of my air-conditioned room.  Kito usually visited shortly but Mimi was spending time in there.

Sometimes we had couchsurfers staying or visiting and the dogs could get extra cuddles.

I have grown up with the idea that dogs should be taken for a walk, they should be provided their adventures. So, I took them out either early morning or late night. Before Mimi came to us, I had ordered online two reflective vests. Now when Mimi came, he got the orange one, that was too small for Kito and Kito could wear his bright yellow one.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

I love early morning walks

We have two dogs now in our house.  I still live with my partner in a small village in Southern Vietnam. This is Dong Thap province, Lai Vung district, a small village about 3 kilometres away from Lai Vung and 15 km from Sa Dec city.

Below you can see a video with very little narration in human languages but we should just let the birds speak fro themselves.

The sourroundings looks and sounds a paradise, when alone. But there are some people that do not like dogs walking on the roads. Well, there are some people that also eat dogs, some that steal dogs and sell them for meat.  People do not eat dog because they are hungry. They often eat it when drinking. Eating dog meat is just a part of a stupid ritual for many.

It is very beautiful here. I very much enjoy this landscape during my lonely morning walks. My partner and her family are a bit worried about me going out alone that early. there are bad people out there, as they say. That is the other side of the coin. The other is fearless adventurer who sleeps in his tiny tent in Australian bushlands and roadsides. I am not too worried for myself. My life is risky anyway, I just need to be as careful and as I can but not let being careful disturb my life too much. Well, I chose a woman that likes to be at home. She hardly ever goes outside her home without her parents or other relatives, so, I should see it quite natural that she is afraid of the world out there.

A year ago she came to Ho Chi Minh city to meet me. That was the start.

Now we have two dogs: Kito and Mimi. Both of them are boys. My partner My Hanh took Kito when I was visiting Finland last May. She noticed that I like dogs and wanted take one. She has had a dog before but it had disappeard when outside.

My Hanh's brother took Mimi a week ago in order to have a watch dog and also for their small child. However, the dog did not like the child sho the brother asked the family to take care of the dog for a while. May be until the baby is bigger and can understand hwo to be with a dog. 

I was not too excited to have another dog. I know it will be quite tough for me to take two dogs for a walk.  Well, they formally asked me whether I want it or not but they ignored my "no" and took the dog.

I have two baskets on my bike so basically I could carry both of them. Mimi is very light but Kito is already big and heavy.