Sunday, December 30, 2007

Facebook archive from 2007

I started using Facebook in October 2007 and have been using it since that time until February 2021 when Facebook deleted my old account with all the memories during those 14 year and many friends all over the World. They did not tell me the exact reason why and did not give me any opportunity to defend myself. They just started asking for verification of my acccount several times a week First they asked me to provide verification code sent by email, then take a photo or video of my face.  Finally they asked me to give a verification code sent to my phone number. They provided 3 old phone numbers. I tried to contact their support to explain that I can not verify via phone number. They said that I will have 30 days to verify after which my account will be permanently deleted. 

They offered me to create a new account, there was a button for that after I had blocked out of the disabled account. I did and managed to add some of my old friends back but I lost all my posts on my timeline and all posts in numerous Facebook groups. However they provided me all my data for download. That is better but still not the same. Now I am losing many frieds and many memories esspecially with those 5 friends that had their profiles on memorial state. 

What did I do to deserve all this agony? Why did Facebook started bullying me?  I am devastated and sad. It will take me years to start rebuilding all those documents of my life. 

My Facebook archive from 2007

is at work

is sleeping
29 Oct 2007, 17:24

is a bit hungry
1 Nov 2007, 16:42

is going to bed already

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One of our wedding ceremonies in Singapore, October 2002. In the middle there is the Buddhist monk that blessed us and our cats in the presence of 70 cats of MettaCattery cat shelter and a few friends.

In the year 2003 we were living in Townsville, tropical Australia. I was trying to find a new kind of Christmas spirit in the new conditions. Both of us love durian fruit, so it became our new Christmas tradition. There is also a little bit Chinese influence, the red shirt and chopsticks.

is up at 4 am and going for a long walk with his dogs. After that breakfast and work.

is starting Friday's work

is working and thinking "iit's Friday!" ( my time zone is GMT+10 )

is working but soon going home for the weekend activities

is done with this week's work

is going to bed soon on Friday evening and ready to get up early again.

November 2nd 2007. After 14 months of growing our first banana plant is finally flowering. Can you see the little baby bananas inside? We might get some bananas from our own garden for Christmas!

Early in the morning there is peace ... well, not so quiet either but lots of tropical and other birds around. You can hear the dogs panting so it is a little bit hot even this early. Taken in Caravonica, Cairns, Queensland, Australia

2 Nov 2007, 18:33

Jyväskylä, Tourukatu 8. 1990 / 1991 ? I was living in this nice wooden house. I paid my rent by maintaining the house and the yard. It was build in the year 1914. During the Second World War the house was almost destroyed by a Russian bomb.
Place: Jyväskylä, Finland (62.2333, 25.7333)
Address: Jyväskylä, Finland

is having his morning walk and then doing garden work... Trying very hard to stay away from this addicting tool

is going to sharpen his chain saw and kill some palm trees in the backyard hoping aftert that there will still be some fingers left for FaceBook

is going out. Hoping to see Larissa Waters tonight.

is so happy after meeting Larissa. She's absolutely the right and most comptetent person to be a new senator!

Tim Sippala posted in I support the Australian Greens.
4 Nov 2007, 11:54

is doing some garden work

is preparing for Monday and work week. Bugger ...

is awake early Monday morning

is at work already on Monday morning