Saturday, August 10, 2019

Congenital cataract - my vision history

Note!   There is no medical information in this post!  I am not a doctor, nor any other kind of expert in any medical condition.  This personal blog post is only about my personal views, beliefs and experiences. Most likely facts, that I present here, are not correct, so they are not facts but merely my personal beliefs.  For any information or advice on any medical condition, consult a doctor or other medical expert.  

Eyes are the mirror of the soul 

My in  Oulu Finland in 1989.  I had already moved away but I was visiting my ex girlfriend who took the picture. 

Eyes are the windows to the soul. is another variant of this saying.  It was once told to me by a  Russian girl that I was kind of dating  when I was twenty-something.  She used it as a reason to reject me. My eyes were bad, hiding behind thick spectacles. Obviously she thought that my soul is as bad as my eyes.  As I remember, we didn't discuss this further, and we also did not break up totally but continued as friends for several years. 

Selfie during a morning walk with my dog in the highlands of Central Southern Vietnam.  I was recording a mohter's day message for my mother. 

Strong classes, cataract lenses of +10 or stronger, were  part of me since I was 3 years old until a few days before my 48th birthday I  got intra-coular lenses that were supposed to replace my spectacles. Not to improve my eyesight but just to replace the heavy and thick lenses of my spectacles on my nose.  

As a young adult  I wanted to have round classes and long hair.