Tuesday, December 12, 2017

I love early morning walks

We have two dogs now in our house.  I still live with my partner in a small village in Southern Vietnam. This is Dong Thap province, Lai Vung district, a small village about 3 kilometres away from Lai Vung and 15 km from Sa Dec city.

Below you can see a video with very little narration in human languages but we should just let the birds speak fro themselves.

The sourroundings looks and sounds a paradise, when alone. But there are some people that do not like dogs walking on the roads. Well, there are some people that also eat dogs, some that steal dogs and sell them for meat.  People do not eat dog because they are hungry. They often eat it when drinking. Eating dog meat is just a part of a stupid ritual for many.

It is very beautiful here. I very much enjoy this landscape during my lonely morning walks. My partner and her family are a bit worried about me going out alone that early. there are bad people out there, as they say. That is the other side of the coin. The other is fearless adventurer who sleeps in his tiny tent in Australian bushlands and roadsides. I am not too worried for myself. My life is risky anyway, I just need to be as careful and as I can but not let being careful disturb my life too much. Well, I chose a woman that likes to be at home. She hardly ever goes outside her home without her parents or other relatives, so, I should see it quite natural that she is afraid of the world out there.

A year ago she came to Ho Chi Minh city to meet me. That was the start.

Now we have two dogs: Kito and Mimi. Both of them are boys. My partner My Hanh took Kito when I was visiting Finland last May. She noticed that I like dogs and wanted take one. She has had a dog before but it had disappeard when outside.

My Hanh's brother took Mimi a week ago in order to have a watch dog and also for their small child. However, the dog did not like the child sho the brother asked the family to take care of the dog for a while. May be until the baby is bigger and can understand hwo to be with a dog. 

I was not too excited to have another dog. I know it will be quite tough for me to take two dogs for a walk.  Well, they formally asked me whether I want it or not but they ignored my "no" and took the dog.

I have two baskets on my bike so basically I could carry both of them. Mimi is very light but Kito is already big and heavy.